This is the kind of thing that keeps me in the field. It can be challenging at times, people are not always ready to stop using or do what's required the get and stay on the right path but, when they are we are here to guide them on that journey.

Our aim is always to provide the best and most compassionate care possible.

 Lifeworks Testimony 

I am writing this testimony about LifeWorks Substance Abuse LLC as someone who has completed their Intensive Outpatient Program.  I feel I am qualified to speak on their behalf. When I came to LifeWorks I was a broken man. My substance abuse had taken control of my life and I was in a downward spiral. I was skeptical about the effectiveness of rehab at first, but can now attest that if you keep an open mind and make the commitment to better yourself, then Lifeworks can help guide you through that journey. Some of the things I learned is to better manage my stress and anxiety, identify triggers, cope with cravings, deal with hardships (present, future and past) and most importantly love myself. The counselors and staff at LifeWorks are incredibly kind and dedicated to helping others achieve their goals of sobriety and self-betterment. They are not afraid to go above and beyond for you if you are willing to put in the work. It’s not an exaggeration to say that they helped save my life. The way I carry myself these days is that of a completely different and more hopeful man. I recommend the services of LifeWorks to anyone struggling with addiction or substance abuse.      


My Perception of Life Changed by the Help of the Those at Lifeworks

Looking back on my first day at Lifeworks I don’t know if I would even recognize myself in comparison to the person I am right now. Before I came to Lifeworks I was over-consumed with worrying about everyone else, worrying about the future, reliving the regrets from my past and living in a vicious cyclone focused on everything else but what actually mattered in life.

What brought me to Lifeworks was a cascade of events of ineffective coping and insanity without the realization that my unknowingly chaotic life would never improve until I made the independent effort to change. Two months doesn’t seem like a very long time, however, significant changes occurred in my life in this short amount of time with an open mind and a search for a spiritual solution to the chaotic life I bestowed upon my-self became my new precedence.

During my spiritual growth I gained an entirely new perspective on looking at life. I’m currently challenged with being able to implement these new changes to restore myself, improve my internal thoughts, make amends in my relationships with my children as well as my spouse and ultimately, enhance the relationship with my inner self that I have neglected for so many years. I used to be the person that created an image at all times that I had everything together, but what no one knew was how broken inside I really was. I carried years of shame, resentment, guilt and unrealistic expectations of myself. I internalized all this. I was really good at keeping the image of having it all together until I believed, spiritually, my higher power had to finally spin my world into absolute chaos that I inevitably became completely broken and was forced to seek salvation for my life. I felt I had lost my identity, I was no longer a nurse, the only profession that brought me purpose, my relationship with my older children was distant, they were acting out, I felt so disconnected from them which was so opposite of the way our family was brought up,  and  my husband was secretly looking into a divorce because we had grown so apart, in all reality, we both gave up on each other.

I’m so grateful for being able to have had some open-mindedness to see the changes that needed to be made within myself. Through all of this I feel like I’ve gotten my family back and that is where my heart resides. My marriage is growing stronger, we’ve reconnected after everything we’ve been through and I feel we’re only going to continue to grow stronger. My children, although still going through their own trials of being a teenager, I’m now able to have more understanding and love for them. Although I still don’t have my career back, I’m ok with that. I’m finishing school which was a major goal that has been in hiatus, and through re-evaluations of our finances I’m choosing to be home more and take care of my family. Money doesn’t seem to have the same value it once did in my life, my own happiness and sanity has taken its precedence.

I’m accepting my new life of not having it all together all the time, perfection is never going to be a goal and I’ve finally starting to be able to say I can’t do something and not feel like a weak individual. Even though I’m succeeding in this aspect of my life I know I’m still struggling with having a better relationship with myself and loving myself more. It’s probably going to be a lifelong struggle, however, I’m significantly more aware of this character flaw within myself and have better understanding how to improve it. I like the person I’ve become and that’s the first step to a healthier mindset.   

Through all the experiences and insightful knowledge obtained here at Lifeworks I’ve discovered my inner peace. Peace is the essence of my soul and there are no further affirmations needed in my life to make me realize that now. I’m forever grateful and eternally blessed for having the opportunity to save my life and my family with the help from all of you at Lifeworks.

Lauren M

SMART classes on Wednesday nights rock. DBT classes on Tuesday mornings are a great way to start my day. A++++

Kerri W

I always thought counseling was useless, but the wonderful people of lifeworks are great. They are funny, very understanding of our situation as they are all former addicts...The place also has an awesome atmosphere because of the warm embrace they provide in a non-judgmental zone. I highly recommend lifeworks not only for addicts but also if u just need someone to talk to.
Overall on a scale of 1 to 10 I give them an 11. Great place great people that do a great job. I love these people and this place!

Roberto S

I found Life works to be very helpful and extremely informative. Rhoadie and George are awesome and are willing to go that extra mile as long as you're too.

Rick F

Inspirational, uplifting and informative. Looking forward to assisting and growing together as we learn who we are and what we want to do with our lives!

Rhoadie L


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