About LifeWorks!

It is our commitment to offer efficient and effective access to necessary care and ancillary patient support systems in a cost-effective and accountable manner, resulting in improved client functioning, higher client satisfaction, and better client outcomes for all clients.

Our clients will receive compassionate, affordable and quality services and care for Alcohol and or Substance Abuse related issues.

Treatment is provided by experienced, results-oriented professionals with a track record of positive client outcomes.

Life Works! teaches skills and tools to help clients get and stay clean and sober. With continued care and support, clients reduce the chances of relapse by recognizing their internal and external triggers and the stages that lead to relapse.


We offer person-centered, individualized treatment plans, so the client can receive the services needed and at a lower level of care so they can maintain their current employment. 

Our counselors strive to understand the way in which drug addiction affects patients and the people surrounding them. Counselors in recovery programs often work closely with people other than the patient. This can include family members who have been affected by the patient's drug addiction.

"A counselor must strive to understand the ways in which alcohol and drug addiction affect the clients and the people surrounding them."

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