Most physicians and clinics have very limited treatment options for helping alcohol-addicted clients modify their behavior. Often and in-office breathalyzer tests aren’t enough to reinforce sober habits. Courts and Probation Offices and Family Members have had limited options for affordable monitoring as well.

This program is also available without the remote blood alcohol monitoring as a compliance program for clients with substance abuse issues that need monitoring and assistance.

LifeWorks! Compliance Monitoring and Assistance Program (CMA) is a game changer

Our system elevates the standards of both treatment and cost-effectiveness.

Lifeworks Substance Abuse Services finally gives the means to better treat and monitor alcohol-addicted clients. It bridges the gap between testing and accountability –combining industry-accurate Bluetooth® technology with a simple, easy-to-use smartphone app, that gives the ability to test clients – anywhere, anytime – and instantly see their results

Delivering an array of advantages, our system provides certainty of compliance technology:

Remote Blood Alcohol Monitoring: Monitor subject's BAC with a state of the art Bluetooth breathalyzers.

Active GPS Monitoring: 24/7 GPS tracking with inclusion/exclusion zones and curfew monitoring.

Violation Alerts: All violations are sent immediately via text messages (SMS) or Email

Court and Event Reminders: Remind subjects of important events automatically to reduce failure to appear rates.

Video Verification: Industry leader in subject identification and detection of device tampering.

Incentives & Sanctions: Provide a wide range of resources to subjects while reinforcing positive behavior automatically with our robust incentive and sanction programs.

LifeWorks! BAC Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring and Assistance Program (CMA)

CMA empowers our Clinical staff to remotely command BAC tests to both individuals and groups. Staff can command tests on demand, on a random basis, or on a fixed schedule. The staff is automatically alerted to out-of-compliance results – via the management platform, SMS and email. The system is affordable for clients, costing significantly less than other commonly used monitoring technologies. Easy to deploy and use, it can be up and operating in a single day.

The test results are instantly streamed to the Management Portal, along with video /audio and GPS data for the location. (Probation Officers, Case Managers, Attorney’s, Family Members… can be added to the list of people that receive instant notifications.)

Test failures are immediately flagged and can be pushed as SMS text messages to our mobile devices.

Our protocol at LifeWorks! is if a test comes back out of compliance either positive, any result over 0.020 (industry standard to avoid false positives) or beyond the 30-minute response time for submitting a testing, the client will be contacted to come in immediately to our office for a confirmation test using an ETG Alcohol Urine Test Dip Card (80 Hour Detection Window.)

Any disputed testing will be sent to our partners at Quest Diagnostics (at the client’s expense) for confirmatory drug testing. Tests for the non-negative specimens are performed with Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) or Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS) methodology.

LifeWorks! CMA Smartphone Monitoring not only monitors client locations and blood alcohol content via smartphones but interacts and engages individuals throughout the monitoring process. CMA is more than just a tool to show compliance. With our innovative features, we become a companion to help change behavior and rehabilitate each person.

Our goal is to decrease recidivism and create better, more productive members of society by customizing monitoring solutions for every risk level.

At LifeWorks! our clients receive compassionate, affordable and quality treatment and services for Alcohol and Substance Abuse related issues. Our experienced, results oriented professionals have a track record of positive client outcomes. Our Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient programs are licensed by Florida Department of Children and Families. Our commitment is to offer efficient and effective access to necessary treatment and ancillary patient support systems in a cost-effective and accountable manner. 

LifeWorks! BAC Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring and Assistance Program (CMA)

            A more effective approach to modifying behavior

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